Wendy completed her Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics) at the University of Queensland specializing in the learning processes for becoming proficient in first languages, bilingualism and multilingual learning skills. Wendy has lived and taught English in English speaking countries to new learners of English as well as living and teaching English in Japan, Kuwait and Nepal. Her most recent post utilizing her linguistic knowledge was in Borneo, (Kota Belud) where she was a mentor for local teachers teaching English in primary schools.

Wendy enjoys interacting with new immigrants assisting them with their studies in English at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Additionally, Wendy can assist with contextualized language learning where culture and specific language usage can create barriers in the workplace, in social settings and in the home.

Whether Wendy is teaching children English as a second language or assisting university students with their essays and assignments, she is calm and encouraging as well as practical and task focused.

Contact Wendy and she can help your child with English language learning or your teenager worried about not understanding exam instructions or that class novel he/she can’t bear to even pick up to read.

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